Rust is safe and blazingly fast programming language, so it is fit for many purposes. But is it in space yet ?

Inspired by Are We Learning Yet?, this site catalogs the state of the Rust ecosystem in aerospace. It covers a wide range of crates, projects and resources that will run off the ground. Additionally, this site identifies the gaps where Rust is lacking libraries and tools so we can know where to focus the community efforts.

While there isn’t a strong science behind the color-coding of ecosystem areas, this site is using a simple red-yellow-green to roughly indicate:

  • exploratory, unstable, or major gaps
  • progressing, emerging, highly useful, and closing in on major gaps
  • awesome, stable, complete, active, and mature

If you know of a contribution to Rust in space not reflected here, please file a pull request or issue to the are-we-in-space-yet repo.